Problem: Javascript has almost no standard library.
Solution: Thousands of community-supported libraries of wildly varying quality.
Problem: Javascript has no packaging or a linker to tie those packages together.
Problem: Javascript won't run outside the browser.
Solution: V8
Problem: Javascript is single-thread by design.
Solution: Asynchronous programming, node.js
Problem: Callback Hell
Problem: The DOM is too slow for video games.
Solution: Canvas
Problem: Javascript is too slow for video games.
Solution: Use an assembly-like subset of Javascript called asm.js
Problem: asm.js is basically unwritable by humans.
Problem: Prototypal Inheritance is pants-on-head stupid. (That's right, I said it)
Problem: Web resources need to be minified and zipped for performance.
Solutions: Hundreds of community supported build tools of wildly varying quality.
Problem: Grunt
Solution: Gulp
Problem: Gulp
Problem: Machine-generated code is more difficult to debug.
Problem: Async is still a nightmare, huh?
Problem: Ballooning project size and complexity.
Problem: Output runs very slowly on mobile devices. 
Problem: Javascript still doesn't do everything.
Solution: Electron, PhoneGap, FireFoxOS
Cube Drone and Miloslav are digging in a giant hole.
Cube Drone: How is digging going to get us out of this hole?
Miloslav: Where I am from, the point of digging is not freedom from digging.

Relentless Persistence - July 9, 2015, 9 a.m.

Problem: Compiled code isn't interpreted code, even if it compiles to interpreted code. Solution: Grunt watch Problem: Promises Solution: IOUs Problem: Javascript is a toy language that was tied to a document markup and somehow this has become the universal runtime of the internet. Problem: At this point, the ecosystem around Javascript is so densely layered and frequently changing that maintenance of any project over any significant period of time is going to be a nightmare. javascript cube-drone milo

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