Cube Drone

Cube Drone

The titular character, Cube Drone is an ex-Java programmer working for a trendy startup company in Vancouver.

Cube Drone predates the "Cube Drone" comic strip - I've been drawing him since I worked at TELUS, although he shaved his terrible moustache when he left the giant telecom and started a strip of his own.

Cube Drone is the developer. Not the team lead, or the senior developer, the front-end developer, the dev/ops, or the back-end guy, he's just a vanilla developer.

Canonically, Cube Drone is the one responsible for the Cube Drone animated shorts, although they're hosted on my youtube account.

Cube Drone is suspicious of change, a cynic, a worrier, the sort who's more concerned with his own lunch than his company's goals.

Favourite Books

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A front-end developer and designer. Lain is a coder and artist. She likes markers, and has a framed unicorn t-shirt at her desk. Lain is an avid privacy advocate. Lain wears a heavy jacket to work, even on hot days, for reasons that she'd rather not discuss with you. The office is air-conditioned anyways.

Lain is opinionated about food options in the city. She's tried every food-truck in Vancouver and keeps an up-to-date ranking of them on her blog.

Favourite Books

Favourite Vancouver Restaurants

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Walt Rock

Walt Rock

Every team needs a project manager. Walt is that project manager. He's the Rands, the man in touch with both the needs of his engineering team and the needs of the C*-level executives above him — at the expense of being treated with a certain amount of suspicion by both.

Don't be fooled, though - Walt's an experienced programmer as well - he just doesn't get as many opportunities to code as he used to.

Walt is endlessly optimistic. He's not just a glass half full type, he's the sort of guy who would be delighted by an empty glass - hey, free glass, right?

Favourite Books

Favourite Drinks

  • Scotch
  • Rum & Pineapple Juice
  • Gin & Tonic
  • Planter's Punch

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Senior developer. Vaguely eastern-European, although if you ask him where exactly he's from, he'll just mumble something in an unidentifiable slavic and then change the subject. Miloslav speaks at least four languages fluently. (I don't, though, so don't expect him to crack those out too often.)

Miloslav is pragmatic, has successfully completed a lot of projects, and likes to project an air of competence, authority, and grumpiness.

Upon discovering his first gray hair he shaved his entire head. Some say out of vanity. Some say it was revenge.


  • He prefers not to say

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Warbeard the Mighty

The operations guy. A tightly-wound ball of stress and invective, he keeps all of the servers running. He plays an obscene amount of D&D, and he has a beard. Thus the name.

Warbeard does not like new technology, and he especially doesn't like developers mucking around with his pristine deployment environments. He does his level best to keep everything that the team throws at him up and running, but it's a hard job, and he's the only ops guy on the team. Seriously, they could at least hire someone to give him a break from pager duty now and then, right?

Warbeard has many opinions about board games. He will share them with you if you are not careful.

Favourite Games

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A lot of the time, co-op or intern employees are intelligent, motivated, and able to contribute a lot to your team while at the same time learning a ton about coding in the real world.

Sparky is not that intern.

Sparky is intelligent, motivated, and practically unable to operate any system more complicated than a toaster without causing a cascading series of failures.

Favourite Conference Talks

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Technically, his name is "James Tilligan Moneysnatch", but everybody in the office just thinks of him as the CEO.

He stands to be made fantastically wealthy by the startup that everybody works at, just so long as he can find someone who is interested in buying it for a spectacular amount of money.

The CEO can speak in a special language composed mostly of buzzwords and financial terms. Only Walt can understand this language.

Favourite Things

  • Money
  • Boats

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XYZZY works from home, which is why he is almost never seen in the comic.

Trust me, though - he's working!

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Melissa is the build engineer - well, she prefers to call it the 'continuous integration engineer'. She's handy with Chef and Ruby, she can Dockerize containers and virtualize machines, and the whole shebang will run with every git commit.

Melissa likes Vancouver's awesome food, and she builds strange things with Arduinos in her spare time.

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